Speciality Chemicals In Water And Wastewater Treatment

To improve output water quality during Water & Wastewater treatment plants Effective chemical addition is necessary. The dosage and quality of these chemicals are instrumental to the success of a properly designed wastewater treatment plant. Aquacare provides chemicals of such kinds at affordable prices.



These chemicals can be listed as follows

• Strong Corrosion Inhibitor / Passivation Chemical

• Cooling Multifunctional Product

• Cooling Bio Dispersant

• Non Oxidising Biocide/ Algaecide

• Iso Thiozaline Non Oxidising Biocide

• Strong Scale Inhibitor

• Solid Chlorine Based Oxidising Biocide

• Stabilised Bromine Based Biocide

• Closed Loop Nitrite Corrosion Inhibitor

• Powder Boiler Antiscalant (Low Pressure and High Pressure)

• Liquid Boiler Antiscalant (Low Pressure Boiler)

• Low Pressure Boiler Oxygen Scavenger (Powder)

• pH Booster

• Condensate Treatment

• FireSide Treatment

• Low Pressure Boiler Oxygen Scavenger (Liquid)

• High Pressure Boiler Oxygen Scavenger

• RO Acidic Cleaner

• RO Alkaline cleaner

• RO Biocide

• Silica RO Antiscalant

• RO Antiscalant

• Organic ETP Coagulant

• ETP Anionic Poly

• Color Removal

• Concentrated Anti Odor Product

• Concentrated Bio Enzyme for ETP (Powder)

• ETP Cationic Poly

• AntiFoam for ETP

• ETP Cationic Poly equivalent to BASF 8165

• Boiler and Cooling Descaling Chemical (Liquid)

• NSF solid chlorine for drinking water/swimming pool

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