Electro Oxidation (EO / Anodic Oxidation / Electrochemical Oxidation)

We at Aquacare Solution Enviro Engineers, provide Electro Oxidation (EO) Services (Anodic Oxidation Services / Electrochemical Oxidation Services) For Water / Waste Water Treatment from Pune, Maharashtra, India. (We have our branches also in Mumbai (Maharashtra), Jaipur (Rajasthan), Kasarani (Roysambu, Nairobi, Kenya), UAE - United Arab Emirates, Qatar).

What is Electro-Oxidation?

Electro -Oxidation is an Advance oxidation process that is widely used to treat Wastewater. It is a process that decreases the concentration of contaminants in wastewater by the mineralization of organic pollutants.

Working Principle of Electro Oxidation Technology

Electro-oxidation technology in which oxidation reactions occur by applying an electric field between non-sacrificial electrodes, generating multiple oxidants directly in the effluent for oxidation of organic and inorganic contaminants. It takes care of all your pre-treatment water needs with one simple process and zero chemicals. Electrochemical precipitation either oxidizes the metals to the highest oxidation state on the anode side or precipitates the divalent metal with high pH on the cathode side of the electrode surface.

Advantages of Electro-Oxidation

• The process is safe to operate -no hazardous operation, no risk to the operator or the environment.

• Low operating cost

• Technology is modular and scalable. Can be applied to small and large flow rates needs

• Fully automatic operation by PLC and HMI (touch- screen).

• The electrochemical oxidation process provides the ability to treat and process challenging and toxic pollutants which are otherwise difficult to treat with a conventional biological or chemical process.

• Low Maintenance


• Water treatment plants

• Sewage treatment plants

• Effluent treatment plant

• Hospitals

• Swimming Pools

• Cooling Tower

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