STP, ETP, WTP, WWTP, ZLD Plants Installation, Commissioning Services

We provide Installation Services, Commissioning Services For STP (Sewage Treatment Plants), ETP (Effluent Treatment Plants), WTP (Water Treatment Plants), WWTP (Waste Water Treatment Plants), ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge Plants), Industrial RO Plants (Industrial Reverse Osmosis Plants), MBR (Membrane Bio Reactor) Sewage Treatment Plants (MBR STP), DM (Demineralization Plants), Water Softening Plants (Softener), UF Plants / Systems (Ultrafiltration Plants / Systems), Water Filtration Plants, UV (Ultraviolet) Water Treatment, Turnkey Projects from Pune, Maharashtra, India.

• Procurement assistance which includes a selection of vendors, floating inquiries, obtaining offers, technical discussions, techno-commercial comparison of offers, recommendations, assistance to client for finalizing the orders, inspection & quality control of equipment.

• Site supervision for all engineering activities for proper and timely installation of the system.

• Commissioning, dry runs of equipment, Hydraulic trials & process commissioning.

• Commissioning of Biological system - Aerobic & Anaerobic digesters recharging

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