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Water is the most important resource but the sad fact is that it is being squandered.

The world population is growing at a fast pace but when it comes to water conservation we are very much on a downward graph and this makes water treatment solutions very important. We at M/s Aquacare Solution Enviro Engineers with some smart thinking and great technological leaps offer state-of-the-art 'Waste Water Treatment Solutions' through which companies from various facets can get the right technology that treats waste water.
Its key features include compactness, low maintenance, plug and play and easy-to-ship. Our solution in the form of a treatment plant addresses the dire need to control water pollution in today's times, wherein it is affecting the lives of many across the globe. It essentially makes use of Disinfection Technologies such as UV (Ultra Violet) and Ozonation system to carry out the treatment process.

What We Offer?

As part of our operation and maintenance services, we assist customers in managing our water and wastewater treatment plants (WTP, WWTP), Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP) and Sewage Treatment Plants. Through such service they can get specialty, water treatment related spares, membranes, media etc thus gaining complete water management assistance from us.
Our company was initiated in 2006 and since then we have been making a name for ourselves in providing the best Water and Waste Water Treatment Solution. We also help manage its operations and also give assistance in plant maintenance. We strive to help improve the natural environment which is highly affected today with various types of toxic substances.
The unique MBR (Membrane Bio Reactor) based sewage treatment plants that we supply caters to the sewage treatment requirements present in various sectors such as residential complexes, hotels, government and private institutions, industries, commercial establishments and much more. It has the capacity to recycle more than 96 percent of the water that is waste which reduces the need to use fresh water thus bringing about sustainability. In addition to this solution we also provide Customized RO, NF & UF Plants, Softening & DM Plants, Clarifiers, Settlers, Filters and ETP, STP Plants. Through our modern Desalination Plant & Zero Liquid Discharge Plants, customers can carry out essential waste water treatment as laid down by the government.
Through our solution we aim to spread awareness about recycling, reusing one of the most invaluable natural resources on earth which is WATER. Our solution includes advanced waste water treatment processes and can be implemented easily in industries to modernize them, else can be put into the design of an existing plant to make it work smarter.

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